4-Piece Tech Set


4-piece tech set includes:

Power bank with heartbeat and breathing feature.  Logo highlighted when breathing. UL Lithium Polymer battery, UL certified powerbank, capacity 5,000 mAh, output 5V/1A, 5V/2A. H 4 7/8" x W 2 3/4" x D 7/16", logo lasered, logo lights up when charging. Compatible with Android and Apple.

Wall charger, one port, one amp. H 1 3/8" x W 1 3/8" x D 1 1/16", logo imprinted in black. Charger is compatible with Apple and Android.

2-in-1 charging cable on a key ring, lighting and micro-USA tips. H 5" x W 11/16" x D 5/16".  Logo etched on cable head.  This is compatible with Android and Apple. Will not work with Android type C connector.

All are encased in a premium zippered case, H 5 1/4" X W 7" x D 1 3/4", logo imprinted in white.


Add Lowenstein Sandler logo